Updating WordPress Plugins

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the number one system used to build websites nowadays.  It is a CMS (Content Management System), which allows you to login to your website via an admin panel to update the website on your own.

If you have a WordPress website, it is important your website stays up-to-date, functional and protected against hackers.  Make sure that you are maintaining it on a regular basis by keeping your plugins updated.

What are plugins?

Plugins are add-ons for your Wordpress system.  They add specific features to your website and there are hundreds to choose from.  You can easily see how many plugins are in your WordPress system.  When you login to your admin panel, just click on the button in your sidebar that says Plugins and it will provide you with a list of plugins that are currently running on your website.

Why do you need to keep it updated?

If you do not keep your plugins updated, this may cause issues on your website and functionalities may break.  Also hackers use outdated plugins as a way to hack into a website.

How to keep your plugins updated:

  1. When you login to your admin, you will see Updates highlighted underneath your Dashboard tab (see image above)
  2. The updates will have a number beside it, indicating how many updates are required
  3. Backup your website before you update anything (very important!)
  4. Update your plugins
  5. If you have a new WordPress version available, update that too

Did anything break?

If anything breaks or stops working on your website after updating plugins, you will need to have a web developer help you fix it.  This is why it’s important to do a backup of your website first.  Now you have something to revert back to and it helps Web Developers troubleshoot any issues.


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