Woocommerce vs Bigcommerce

Choosing the right eCommerce system is important for your online store.  If you’re selling lots of products and you choose the wrong system, you could be looking at loading issues with your site and other problems that can cause you to lose customers.  If you are selling a small amount of products and you choose a system that accommodates larger stores, you could be dealing with an overwhelming amount of features that you don’t need.

Which eCommerce System Do I Choose?

Two main recommendations we have are Woocommerce and Bigcommerce.  We’ve been working with these two systems in particular for years and prefer them to other competitors.

The difference in a nutshell:

Woocommerce we recommend for smaller stores (50 products and under).  It’s free, is built into WordPress and has less features.  Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming if you have a lot of products that you need to add variations to (colours, sizes, etc.)

Bigcommerce is for larger stores (50+ products).  They have a ton of features and it’s user-friendly, but they do require a monthly fee.  This monthly fee covers full support on your website, hosting and the fee of the software.  They have their own customer service team that will help you deal with any issues your site may have for duration of it’s existence.

Comparison Chart

To determine which system is the right fit for you, please view the comparison chart below.




Recommended Products Small Store
(Under 50 Products)
Large Store
(Over 50 Products)
Monthly Fee No
Starting at $29.95/mth
One Page Checkout
Fast, easy checkout for your customers
Coupon Codes
Add discounted coupon codes
Ability to run your own blog
Product Reviews
Allows customers to post reviews on products
Digital & Physical Products
Sell physical or digital download products
Charge taxes based on zones
Search Engine Optimization built-in
Sales reports based on store health
Customer Accounts
Customers able to create an account, login or checkout as guest
Customers able to request refunds easily
Provides support to you by phone or email
Gift Certificates
Customers able to purchase and email gift certificates
Gift Wrapping
Ability to add-on gift wrapping at checkout
Multiple Currencies
Set multiple currencies for worldwide customers
Live Shipping Rates
Live shipping rates with Canada Post, UPS and FedEx
Sell on Social Networks
Connect your store with eBay, Facebook or Pinterest
Accounts for your wholesalers to get discounted prices
Mobile Version
Your store customized for mobile devices
Comes with web hosting
Abandoned Cart Saver
Emails customers reminders they have items in their cart
SSL Certificate
Customer’s details and payment information are encrypted for safety

A Note About Woocommerce Features

The chart above compares features Woocommerce has “out of the box”. You can add some of the capabilities that Bigcommerce has, but you are looking at having a developer customize the system or purchasing plugins for additional features that ranges from $25 – $250 each.

Admin Snapshots


Woocommerce System

woocommerce-admin-4 woocommerce-admin-1 woocommerce-admin-3 woocommerce-admin-2
Admin Dashboard List of Orders Order Details Reports


Bigcommerce System

bigcommerce-admin-1 bigcommerce-admin-2 bigcommerce-admin-3 bigcommerce-admin-4
Admin Dashboard List of Orders Order Details Reports


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